Wednesday, January 28, 2009

how to clean smoke damaged walls in your home

Before you start cleaning the smoke & soot from the wall, it becomes necessary to wear gloves, mask, goggles, and proper protective clothing. Only after wearing the right protective gear, you should begin the task of cleaning smoke.

On a soft cloth use a gentle cleaner and wipe down the wall. This will remove the excessive dirt and prepare the wall for serious cleaning. Then wipe the wall using a dry cloth and let it dry. Buy a good quality cleaning solution.

Carefully go through the instructions written on the bottle and mix it with right amount of warm water. Using the scrubby sponge, start cleaning the wall (it is recommended to go over small sections at a time). Don’t wipe the wall harshly, there are chances of wall paint ripping off.

One you have cleaned a particular section it is advised to use a clean rag and clean water over it. Avoid staying of cleanser on the wall for too long. This can lead to discoloration of walls.

At times soot damage is extensive that we cannot treat it all by ourselves. Therefore, it is advice to take the help of smoke restoration company. They have the equipment that assists in removing the soot from the wall quickly. For more information contact fire damage repair company now.

how to protect your home from water damage

Poor and low maintenance, neglecting our home can result in big problems in long run. If you do not want to end up in a big problem, then here are some suggestions on “how to protect your home from water damage.

Let us start with the roof. Check your roof for breaks, punctures and cracks. If you find them then treat them. See to it that the roofs are properly installed and after rain, storm or heavy snowfall, clean the roof. Remove the water / snow and see that it is completely cleaned and dry. Remove dirt, branches, leaves and other debris on roof to avoid roof puncture.

Next are your doors and windows. Completely repair caulks, check for window seals, door seals and exterior damage. This will help in overcoming the problem caused due to normal weathering. Inspect the putty around the windows. Remove and clean cracked material near window. If you have safety, chain and pneumatic special storm door closer, check them for the same.

Look out for water leaks & treat the same at the right time. For professional assistance visit

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

what are the unknown facts about mold?

Molds can grow anywhere where there is moisture in any form, shape or size. You won’t believe but it’s a fact that the mold problem has become more common over the years and everyone is facing it. If over the time they are present in your home, then they can affect our heath as well. There are many reasons behind the multiplication of mold, prime one being improper water damage restoration (Therefore, it is always recommended to take the help of experienced company). This is not at all… molds can grow anywhere and quite prominent in cool and damp condition.

If mold growth is rapid in your home then there are chances of allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory problems. To avoid the growth of mold in the area it is essential for us to prevent mold growth or take help of mold remediation service provider like us.

We have the team of specialist who can fix the problem of mold growth. Whether the problem occurs due to water leaks or high moisture level, we have the appropriate mold remediation solution ready for you.

If you want, we can come and analyze the structure as well. If within a structure the mold is growing then we can prevent moisture build up there. For more information on treatment of mold, contact us today.

Here are some handy water removal tips for you.

* Use mop or towels to remove as much water as possible. Never use household vacuum cleaner for extracting the water, it can be completely damaged. For removing water, there is special water extraction equipment.

* Switch of the main electricity supply. At times, we have plugs installed at floor level; this can even harm your wife.

* Properly wipe and dry all the furniture and allow the base to dry.

* Remove the wet area rugs, carpets and other loosen floor coverings and hand them over rope for drying in the sun. It is wiser to lift the carpet with professional help, a mishandled one can damage the backing.

*At the earliest remove the wet fabrics and dry them at the earliest.

* In your closet, sidewall cabinets, remove all the drawers and if the water has crept in them, then remove the things and let them dry.
* Place all your wet upholstery over the drapery rod; this will fasten the drying process.

*If all the magazines, newspapers and books have got wet, then it is wiser to spread them out and let them dry.

Once you have removed everything, it becomes easier for you to take the water off from the room. It is wiser to open all the windows and doors of your home, so that the water can move out. Further, this will accentuate the drying process. For professional assistance, call us today.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tips to prevent fire damage in Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the areas where there are more chances of catching fire. Mostly the fire in our kitchen occurs due to our negligence. Sometimes we do not follow the right method for cooking. Here are three basic tips to follow when cooking food on stove and oven.

*Always, turn the pot handle inward away from the edge of the stove.

* Never, use aluminum foil while cooking food in oven or over the stove.

* Never, leave an electric appliance alone when in use. That is keeping an eye on the oven when it is switched on. Turn off the appliance when not in use. This will help in saving electricity as well.

* Never wear, synthetic clothes or loose sleeve clothes when cooking for stove.

* Always, clean the utensils properly, especially deep-frying pans. The grease and fat build across the pans and woks easily catch the fire (at times, it is uncontrollable as well)

* Avoid using combustible material when working on stove.

* Limit use of candles in home. At times, the fire caught in upholstery can be dangerous as well.

To know more about how to prevent fire damage, visit

water damage removal experts services

After you have detected water damage in your home, it becomes necessary to assess the extent of water damage. At this point of time, it is important to hire a water damage expert. They provide you with an estimate of water damage and tell you what needs to be done and if possible, how the things can be easily restored to their original shape. A good water damage restoration company works 27X7.

So promptly, they can meet your needs at point of time. Trust them…
They know the various techniques of removing the water completely.

They know which equipment is right for them. For pumping out the water from the carpet or to completely dry the wet hard surfaces & eliminate mold and mild dew they have the right machine. This will discourage the growth of molds, other unwanted microorganism, and mild dews.

Beside this water damage removal services provider helps in fixing the roof and wall leaks, sewer problems and pipe breaks. Many companies offer you with additional services as well. To know more contact us today.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tips for Cleaning Pet Stain from House, Couches or Carpets

We treat our pets like our darling… However, when the pet makes the place untidy, we start hating them. If in your living room, you find pet has pet hair, dander, slobber, muddy feet, and unfortunately, stains caused by urine and feces, and then here are some of the tips that will help in easy cleaning pet stains from house, couches and carpets.

Have a paper towel handy or an old clean rag. When you find that accidentally the puppy has urinated, then soak as much moisture as possible. In a cup of warm water, add one-quarter teaspoon of mild detergent. Blot the stain and repeat until entirely transferred to the towel. Sprinkle talcum powder or baking soda and allow it to dry overnight to prevent odor.

To clear the mud or pets’ puke from furniture apply small amount of white foamy shaving cream. Allow it to settle within a minute/ over night and then blot up. Keeping the cream for overnight over the stain yields better-desired results. Vacuum the place. This will remove the stain and its marks completely.

If you find pet’s feces or urine on the couch, bed or carpet then dig out the mess completely. Sprinkle salt onto the area and cover it with damp cloth. Let stand alone this area and after 2-3 hours remove the cloth. Stain will be a bygone. This method works perfectly well on yellow bile.

Still if you can’t remove the pet stain from house, couches or carpets, or want to make use of upholstery cleaning services or odor removal, call us